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Colonies of Unique Applied Ceramic

Cultural complex House on the flat hill held a colony of Unique Applied Ceramics from 1st to 17th July 2012.

During the colony there was a public forum on “Ceramics, Arts & Crafts” in witch the craftsmanship aspects of working with ceramics as well as personal experiences of professional and amateur ceramics enthusiasts were presented. The aim of the forum was informing the public about the craft processes and the possibilities of working with ceramics.

Patricipants of the colony were graduate ceramists: Vesna Šaula, Julija Draškoci, Ana Jakić Jevtović, Milica Pajić, Igor Stangliczky i Jovana Čavorović (Colony moderator)


Art colony “All the colors of the world”

2nd Memorial art colony Mika Antic called “ALL THE COLORS OF THE WORLD”, gathered in a House on the flat hill in Mokrin.

Among the artists were Janko Laco watercolorist, Bata Vincilir painter, Branilsav Stepancev-Pasa watercolorist, Braco Azarić , Marko Cvetičanin painter, Miodrag Vukić, Milena Radanov, Dusan Josimović painter and Zoran Kuzmanov painter and watercolorist. Milena Krstin with the help of friends hosted artists on our estate.



After the exhibition of unique furniture students from Belgrade, exhibition of photographs from the camp, “Through the Lens,” held this summer on our estate, warming up with a good wine, food and Frajle, guests of the House on the flat hill welcomed the visual mood musician of world-scale Gibonni, who has created, with the first verses of his song “I am doing the right thing”, a magical atmosphere and made this event unforgettable!