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Another award for Terra Panonica facilities at the 37th Architecture Salon

The 37th Architecture Salon was held in the Museum of Applied Arts in April of 2015 and was marked by the slogan AfirmAcijA (Affirmation) which pointed out the importance of the Architect – Architecture – Action /Affirmation connection. The Salon organisers’ aim was to display, reassess, encompass and affirm the complex field of modern architecture with its numerous contradictions and aspects, because architecture “makes” and “takes up” space and has a long-lasting effect on the quality of life and relationships between inhabitants, as well as on the appearance of the city itself.


The award in the category “Architecture – reconstruction” for the affirmation of interdependence of architectural space and program was won by Dijana Novaković, Aleksandra Nikitin, Maja Trbović and Dušan Nenadović for Facility “C” and Facility “D”, Terra Panonica experience point and Terra Panonica (2012-2014).


The number of works nominated for the 37th Architecture Salon was 306 in all categories. The jury included 127 of them into the official selection, out of which 83 were competing for awards and were divided into six categories.


New projects in sight

Last weekend, on Saturday 28.03., the first meeting between the team members of “Terra Panonica” and local farmers took place on the estate of “Terra Panonica” in Mokrin. The subject of this meeting was the joint planing of potential projects that would allow local farmers a better positioning of their products on the market. During the meeting all of the participants filled out a form in which they stated what were their production capacities, what where the products in their product range, how they conduct their production, ect… If you desired to attend the meeting but were unable to come or were simply not informed in time, let us know on and we will get in touch, with the form and more information about the project installed.

image_3 image_1Planing of new projects that will intertwine local community and Terra Panonica is taking place as we speak so stay tuned to find out more.

day one

The House of Ideas: The Ethno-scribblings Workshop

The House of Ideas in Mokrin is hosting the Ethno-scribblings Workshop this week (February 16th-22nd). The workshop is a mix of the modern and the traditional – of the new brand Škrabac and My Creative House (Moja kreativna kuća) Association.


The idea behind the workshop is to combine old crafts with modern illustrations and produce, during these six days, jumpers and pillows by using embroidery, knitting and crochet. These garments and decorative objects will stand out by their design, for they will be adorned by the characteristic humorous motifs of the Škrabac brand and completed with interesting packages.


The workshop will be run by Ana Babić (Škrabac) i Nataša Đaković (My Creative House) with the participation of 12 women from Kikinda, Mokrin and Banatsko Veliko Selo.



The Rehabilitation of Villages in Serbia – The International Architectonic Workshop

During the last week of May 2014, in The House on the Flat Hill in Mokrin, the non-governmental organisation Architecture for Culture, in cooperation with the Architectural college of the Politecnico di Milano University, carried out the International Architectonic Workshop – The Rehabilitation of Abandoned and Dying Villages in Serbia. The goal of this workshop was finding new programmes, activities and solutions which could bring these settlements back to life.

According to the organisers, they chose this location for carrying out the workshop not simply because The House on the Flat Hill is situated in a rural surroundings, but because the Terra Panonica team also in a way deals with the topic of the workshop – the rehabilitation and repopulation of a village.

The mentors were Prof. Jelena Atanacković-Jeličić from the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of the Novi Sad Techological Sciences College, Prof. Oliviero Godi and assistant professors Marijana Zorić and Staša Radmilović from Politecnico di Milano University. The workshop was attended by 9 students from Serbia and 19 students from Italy, all of them from the universities mentioned above.

The Italian Embassy in Belgrade officially supported this event. To mark the occasion, the NGO Architecture for Culture became a member of the Association of Italian and Serbian Scientist and Scholars – AIS3, while the Terra Panonica team once again proved that The House on the Flat Hill indeed is a “House of Ideas”.

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HOUSE OF IDEAS to be presented at the Weekend Media Festival

At this year’s Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj (Croatia), Terra Panonica will premiere the concept of House of Ideas, located in the House on the Flat Hill estate in the village of Mokrin, in the far southeast of Serbia. For the last three years, this vacant estate in Banat is being transformed in a unique education and innovation center.

This complex has already, overt he course of the last three years, attracted critical acclaim of local and global public, mostly due to the interventions of young architectural Studio AUTORI and “House B” – the first building on the estate, pavilion which was featured in all relevant blogs and magazines about architecture and design. Studio AUTORI has also commissioned to develop four more houses around the same courtyard, which will form a complex that has been unseen in the region of SouthEast Europe.

Approaching the completion of construction works on the new multi-functional buildings, Terra Panonica organization, which is behind the concept and program of House of Ideas, is presenting its big plans this autumn to the local, regional and global public. In Spring 2014, House of Ideas will open its doors to visitors, guests and program participants. To participate in the programs, creatives, innovators and experts form Serbia and abroad will be able to apply, and take part in the trans-disciplinary education programs and projects of House of Ideas, which will be supported by Terra Panonica.

The House of Ideas will be present at the Weekend Media Festival with mobile bike-booths, on them and around them, the visitors of the festival will have a chance to get to know some of the products characteristic of Mokrin and Terra Panonica, as well as to browse the interactive, or pick up a printed presentation of House of Ideas, and eventually have a chance to propose their own idea for a program or activity in this unique innovative center which will start working in full capacity next year.

That is why Your idea for the House of Ideas! is the moto under which Terra Panonica takes the stage at Media Weekend, beside experts, entrepreneurs and creatives from the region it will offer anyone a chance to be inspired by the capacities of the estate to realize an idea. All participants of the leading media festival in the region will be able to present their idea in a very short form through the interactive or printed brochure, and drop it off into an Idea Box that will be placed at each TP booth.

Terra Panonica invites you to be among the first people to find out about the House of Ideas at this year’s Weekend Media Festival from September 19th to 22nd, and become a part of a new chapter of convergence of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship!


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