The House of Ideas: The Ethno-scribblings Workshop

day one

The House of Ideas: The Ethno-scribblings Workshop

The House of Ideas in Mokrin is hosting the Ethno-scribblings Workshop this week (February 16th-22nd). The workshop is a mix of the modern and the traditional – of the new brand Škrabac and My Creative House (Moja kreativna kuća) Association.


The idea behind the workshop is to combine old crafts with modern illustrations and produce, during these six days, jumpers and pillows by using embroidery, knitting and crochet. These garments and decorative objects will stand out by their design, for they will be adorned by the characteristic humorous motifs of the Škrabac brand and completed with interesting packages.


The workshop will be run by Ana Babić (Škrabac) i Nataša Đaković (My Creative House) with the participation of 12 women from Kikinda, Mokrin and Banatsko Veliko Selo.